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Parsley is a two-year or short-lived perennial plant belonging to the Apiaceae family, and is rich in nutrients such as iron, calcium, and vitamin C. The place of origin is said to be the southern coast of Europe and the coast of the Mediterranean in northern Africa. Currently, one of the leading production prefectures in western Japan. Among them, those produced in the former Ouchi town of Higashi-Kagawa City have a reputation for high quality under the "Ouchi Parsley" brand.

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  • Parsley with high nutritional value is a vegetable that has a deep bitterness and is often used as a condiment. If you get a lot of fresh things, just freeze it. If you put the leaf part in a plastic bag and rub it lightly, it will be broken and chopped. In Europe and the United States, it is popular to mix butter and garlic and add them to escargots, meat, fish, vegetables, etc. and bake them. It is also recommended that you mix it with tempura, boiled soy sauce, rice cake and rice.

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