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white asparagus

Photo of white asparagus

Asparagus that comes out from the ground one by one, Nyoki Niki. White asparagus, which has a creamy texture and unique flavor, is grown without light, so it grows white without photosynthesis.

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  • As the word "aspara front" is more than a cherry blossom front, it has long been popular in Europe as a vegetable for spring. You can find many boiled and sauteed dishes in French restaurants. The products produced in Kagawa are said to be milder and easier to eat than the European ones, so they can be eaten as soon as they are taken. If the freshness drops, the color will turn yellowish, so it is recommended that you choose a white one at the store. Also, since it has a more muscular feel than green asparagus, it is also a good point to eat thicker peels.

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