Kagawa prefecture products

Mandarin orange

Seasonal season
Main production area
Takamatsu, Shodo-gun, Sakaide, Zentsuji, Mitoyo, Kanonji

Mandarin oranges from Kagawa are shipped year-round. House oranges are shipped from April to August, mandarin oranges in October, mandarin oranges from November to December, normal Mandarin oranges from December to January, and storage oranges from February to April. In fact, Kagawa Prefecture was the first in Japan to grow house oranges. Each year, the company actively incorporates technologies to grow delicious oranges, such as `` multi-drip irrigation cultivation, '' which controls sweet water by controlling moisture, and `` bag cultivation, '' which sack fruits and ripen them on the tree. Improvements have been made.

  • Choose a tangerine that is deep in color, thin in pericarp, smooth and tight. It is said that the smaller the crap, the better. In Kagawa, tangerines are sometimes pickled or added to sushi. There is also "Mikanomochi" with orange fruit.

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