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Salad pomero

Photo of salad pomero

"Salad Pomero" is a new citrus fruit from Kagawa prefecture made in Mitoyo city and Kanonji city in Kagawa prefecture.A new type of pomelo with a modest sweetness and a refreshing taste.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Main production area
Mitoyo City, Kannonji City
  • Amazing size and weight

    Salad pomelo is characterized by being larger and heavier than ordinary pomelo.While normal pomelo weighs about 500g, salad pomelo grows about four times from 4kg to 1.5kg.Depending on the size and weight of the fruit, the branches may break, so stand up the stanchions and lift the branches to grow.

  • Crispy texture and refreshing aroma

    Salad pomero can be easily peeled off by hand by making a cut in the exodermis.The skin of the bunch is also thin, and it is characterized by a small number of seeds and a small size.Its texture is different from that of mandarin oranges, and it has a crispy texture.In addition, it has a moderate sweetness, sourness, and refreshing aroma, and is a taste that can be eaten widely from children to the elderly.As the bunch is large, it is recommended to eat it as it is, or as the name suggests, use it as a salad topping.

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