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Like cauliflower, broccoli is a member of the cruciferous cabbage family. It contains twice as much vitamin C as lemon, and is rich in carotene and iron, making it a highly nutritious green vegetable. Freshness is essential, so they are packed on ice immediately after harvesting and are then shipped. In Kagawa Prefecture, this shipping usually occurs from November to May, and in FY 2017, the area of broccoli planted within Kagawa was the third largest in Japan, with production ranking fourth, and production volume increasing every year.

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  • The bouquet-like top of the broccoli (also called florets) is a collection of small buds, and when choosing broccoli it is best to select those with buds that are dark green and tightly packed. The broccoli grown in Kagawa is known for its freshness and is often boiled and used in salads, stews, gratins and other Western-style dishes. It is also delicious when used in Japanese dishes such as sesame paste. Even the broccoli stems are tender and sweet, so don’ t throw them away! The stem has a flavor similar to asparagus and one that is different to the buds at the top, so make sure to give it a taste.

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Message from Chairman ONO Yoshikazu and others
Organization nameKyoei Broccoli Subcommittee
Group location291 Higashitakashino, Manno-cho, Nakatado-gun
Recommended way of eatingBoil, tempura
Prefecture retail storeProduction facilities such as prefecture supermarkets and Kyoei Yume House
Kagawa’s broccoli is characterized by tightly packed flower buds at the top of the broccoli head and thick, soft stems. It is a green and yellow vegetable, rich in vitamins and nutrients, and is popular among those who pay attention to ther diet. When growing broccoli, there are many things to keep in mind, but in Kagawa, the two we pay particular attention to are soil health, and freshness. Before anything, it is important to create optimal soil conditions, as doing so prevents diseases that can impair growth. To maintain freshness, we ensure our broccoli is harvested early in the morning, quickly packed and shipped on ice. Doing so enables us to deliver the absolute freshest broccoli to our customers.
* Flower buds are a collection of hemispherical buds.