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Olive beef, a new brand of Sanuki beef

Sanuki beef boasting one of the highest quality in Japan, with only Kagawa taste. "Olive beef" was born from such thoughts. Olives from Shodoshima, Kagawa Prefecture, which has a history of more than 100 years, and Sanuki beef, bred for a long time in the warm climate of Setouchi. Premium Kuroge Wagyu beef only in Kagawa Prefecture, where two histories and brands are fused. It is a Sanuki beef that has been raised after olives are harvested. The characteristics of olive cows are rich, refreshing, soft and healthy. Kagawa's taste is gentle on women and children.

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  • The secret of deliciousness

    The secret to the deliciousness of Olive Beef is the oleic acid and antioxidant ingredients abundantly contained in olives.Feeding the fruit after extracting olive oil made the fat taste light.Furthermore, the thorough commitment to quality brings out the tenderness of the meat and the umami of red meat.The characteristics of olive beef can be maximized by using it not only for regular meat dishes, but also for roast beef and salads.

  • Until the birth of olive cows

    Before the birth of Olive-fed beef, there were many high barriers, and it was a series of hardships for the producers.At the planning stage, the big issue was how to give the fruits after olive oil extraction.At first, I tried giving the fruit as it was after extracting the oil, but the cow didn't eat it and avoided it with her tongue.After that, after repeated trial and error, I thought that the astringency of the olives was the cause.Taking a hint from dried persimmons, we tried making sun-dried persimmons on a trial basis, and found that the sugar in the olives produced a caramel-like aroma, which the cows liked to eat. discover.In this way, even with just one feed, various hardships and ingenuity overlapped, and the birth of high-quality Olive Beef was realized.

  • Sanuki beef

    Fine and beautiful marbling. Luxurious taste with a good balance of red juice and fat. "Sanuki beef" is a convergence of "wisdom and skill" born in the blessed climate of Setouchi, based on a long history and tradition.

  • About Sanuki Beef

    Sanuki beef is a Japanese-colored Japanese black breed bred in Kagawa prefecture, and the top four ranks out of the 15 ranks of meat quality are "Sanuki beef (gold label)" and those with 4 ranks Is "Sanuki beef (silver label)". Sanuki beef is usually produced only once per year from one cow. Care is taken to ensure that it is always in the best condition, and it has been raised for about 5 months (6-1㎏) over hand-salt.

  • Tastes raised by history

    The history of cattle in Kagawa dates back to 700 AD.It has its origins in Shodoshima, where ``Kanushi grazing'' was carried out by order of Emperor Monmu.In 15, fattening of Wagyu beef began on Shodoshima Island ahead of the rest of the country, and spread throughout the prefecture.At the beginning of the Taisho period, it was distributed mainly in the Keihanshin area, and since then it has been nicknamed "Sanuki beef".Traditions and techniques that have been cultivated since the beginning of the Meiji period have produced some of the most advanced techniques in the country, and at the 800rd National Wagyu Competitive Exhibition, the sales price of dressed carcass was the highest in Japan at XNUMX million yen, and at the XNUMXth competition, it was the best full grade in Japan. It has received high acclaim, including the award of

  • Taste the taste of the meat itself

    Sanuki beef boasts excellent quality and taste as beef, so the best way to eat it is to eat dishes that can fully taste the meat itself. For example, a sirloin steak cooked with a simple seasoning with salt and pepper. It is a luxurious gem to enjoy the original taste of the material. In addition, shabu-shabu and sukiyaki will make you enjoy plenty of the charm of Sanuki beef, such as melting in the mouth, deep body and taste.

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Masaki Ishii
Organization name Shodoshima Olive Cattle Study Group
Group location Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa
Recommended way of eating Steak, oden, stewed dishes, etc.
Prefecture retail store Prefectural butcher shop
"Shodoshima olive beef" refers to cows raised on special foods that contain squeezed berries of Shodoshima olives. Two or more months before shipment, cows that have squeezed over 2 g of olives every day will be selected as “Shodoshima Olive Beef” if they have a grade of 200 or higher. "The meat is tender. The fat part is also sweet and not persistent," said those who ate it. The recommended way to eat is "steak" or "steal beef stew". Enjoy soft, strong umami meat.

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