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Honey is also said to be a complete nutritional food. Such honey is also produced in Kagawa Prefecture. Thick and rich honey born from rich nature. You may think honey can be made just by placing a birdhouse. However, in fact, high-quality honey is born only after the labor of the producer and daily management, such as checking the nectar box many times a day, checking the condition of the honey, repelling external enemies such as hornets, etc. . Honey made carefully by such producers has a flavorful aroma and moderate sweetness, and once you taste it, the taste that becomes addictive is attractive.

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Mr. Shigetomi Nakata, Nakayama Town, Takamatsu City
Organization nameNakata Beekeeping
Group location105-6 Nakayamacho, Takamatsu
Recommended way of eatingBread, crackers, biscuits, etc.
Prefecture retail storeNakata Beekeeping, prefecture direct production facility
Kagawa Prefecture has a thriving production of fruits and flowers due to its rich nature and mild climate, and high-quality honey is harvested. We visited Nakata Beekeeping, a beekeeping business at the foot of Goshikidai, one of the leading orchards in the prefecture. In anticipation of the time when the first honey of "Ichioshino honey" loquat (honey) is available, Mr. Nakata has no time to check the condition. It has long been said by beekeepers that `` Beekeeping near loquat fields reduces bees, '' but thanks to the warm climate of Kagawa Prefecture, there is no noticeable effect, and high quality honey is produced. This is one of the main products. The precious first item of loquat honey, taken from loquat flowers, usually goes out around January. In spring, we sell cherry, mandarin orange, and mountain renge (hairy vetch), and in summer, we sell goby and onion honey. Why don't you find your favorite from the honey, which has different characteristics of each plant and different color, fragrance and taste?