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Soy sauce beans

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"Soy sauce" is a local dish that has long been made at home in Kagawa Prefecture, where soy beans roasted savory in a horok (unglazed tile) are pickled in sauce made with soy sauce and sugar. Nowadays, it is less often made at home, but it is still popular as an indispensable dish on the dining table. "Soy sauce beans" are different from so-called "boiled beans" and are roasted at the beginning, so if you chew lightly, you can enjoy the chewy texture in your mouth. The raw material “broad bean” is lower in fat and healthier than peanuts and soy. Simple and simple seasoning is a product that will not get tired. In Kagawa Prefecture, broad beans have been cultivated for back cultivation of rice. In this area, it is an indispensable dish for both year-round events and daily dining tables. Another characteristic of soy sauce is that you can eat the whole skin. This skin is rich in dietary fiber. Recently, vacuum-packed products of the taste of Sanuki have been manufactured as they are, and are widely used as souvenirs and gifts.

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