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Bald dumpling

Photo of bald dumpling

“Hage Dango” is a local dish of Sanuki eaten with half-age (short), fresh wheat (wheat flour) dumplings and anko.

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  • The Sanuki Plain has a busy farming season from harvesting wheat in May to planting rice in June. It is said that if you don't finish planting rice by the end of the summer, you will end up with a half-summer crop.
    It is said that the rain that has continued to fall in the "half-summer swelling" will clear up on this day, so we eat "bald dumplings" and "Sanuki udon" made of wheat and rest for half a day.
    The origin of the name "bald dumpling" is that even if you spread the dried dumplings on the dumplings, they will slip and slip and become mottled. It is said that dango in the midsummer has become a “bald dumpling”.
    Dango made with flour is glossy, fragrant and tasty, but it quickly becomes hard, so many homes made with rice flour are also increasing. In addition, we make not only bean paste but also kinako.

  • "Hagedango" recipe

    ○ Dango
    ・ Wheat flour (medium flour: Sanuki's dream) 1kg (about 100 for 8g)
    ・ Water 500cc

    ○ Anko
    ・ 250g red beans (700-800g of anko can be made)
    ・ 250g sugar (tri-sweet sugar)
    ・ Water appropriate amount
    ・ Some salt

    [How to make anko]
    (5) Wash the red beans well, pour plenty of water into the pot, bring to a boil with moderate heat over medium heat, and cook over medium heat for about XNUMX minutes.
    ② Take the red beans into a colander and discard the broth. (Takes an acqua)
    ③ Return the red beans to the pan, add plenty of water and boil over medium heat. When it boils, lower the heat and simmer for about an hour without removing the lid while removing the acne. At that time, add less water (about 1 cup) when the broth becomes less and red beans are about to come out of the broth. (Until the red beans can be easily crushed with your finger)
    た ら When the water is almost exhausted (the broth can be discarded), add the sugar in two or three portions, and mix while simmering on a low heat while removing the aku.
    た ら When it becomes very soft, add a little salt and turn off the heat.

    [How to make dumplings]
    ① Boil plenty of hot water in a large pot.
    (XNUMX) Mix the flour in a bowl and add water little by little (until the flour disappears) to make the dough as soft as an earlobe.
    ③ Hold it horizontally with one hand and pour it into boiling water.
    ④After about 5 to 6 minutes, when the dumplings come up, take about 1 minute and take out to the colander.
    When the dumplings are hot, transfer them to a bowl and start cooking.

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