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Sanuki Olive Yeast Local Sake

Photo of local sake of Sanuki Olive Yeast

Through joint development by the Kagawa Prefectural Sake Brewery Association and the Fermented Food Research Institute of the Kagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Center, "Sanuki Olive Yeast" suitable for sake brewing was discovered from the fruits of olives produced in the prefecture.The four types of sake newly created using this yeast were awarded the "Excellence Award" at the Kagawa Prefectural Product Contest in the 4nd year of Reiwa as "Sanuki Olive Yeast Local Sake".

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  • What is Sanuki Olive Yeast?

    "Sanuki Olive Yeast" is a yeast suitable for brewing found on the surface of olive fruits cultivated in Kagawa Prefecture.

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    Olive oil

  • The story behind the birth of Sanuki Olive Yeast

    "Sanuki Olive Yeast" was triggered by a request from the Kagawa Prefecture Sake Brewery Association to make sake that is unique to Kagawa Prefecture, and in 28, we searched for yeast suitable for brewing from olives, which are the prefectural flowers and trees of Kagawa Prefecture. It took more than two years to discover it.Initially, the challenge was that yeast found in olive berries did not produce amali alcohol.
    Therefore, by "training" the yeast in an alcohol-containing environment and repeating the selection process, we were finally able to find a yeast that can produce alcohol with a high alcohol content.
    After that, Shodoshima Sake Brewery, Nishino Kinryo, Ayakiku Sake Brewery, and Kawatsuru Sake Brewery prepared "Sanuki Olive Yeast" as well as rice and water from "All Kagawa" raw materials, and it took four years from the idea. , Announced as a local sake using Sanuki olive yeast in April 4nd year of Reiwa.

  • Characteristics of Sanuki Olive Yeast

    Sanuki Olive Yeast's local sake is characterized by its fruity aroma and tropical acidity, making it easy to match with any dish.
    Please enjoy it with delicious ingredients from Kagawa prefecture such as "Olive Hamachi" and "Olive Beef".

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