Kagawa prefecture products

Sesame oil

Seasonal season
Main production area

Floating in the Seto Inland Sea, Shodoshima is warm and stable throughout the year. About XNUMX years ago, Shodoshima began producing sesame oil from Kagawa Prefecture. Combining the blessed natural environment with the latest equipment, we continue to preserve the traditional taste. Producers have continued to focus on "sesame" only and have been developing sesame products tailored to the needs of consumers, such as pure sesame oil, pure white sesame oil, and black sesame oil. It is widely used not only for ordinary households but also for business such as restaurants and processed foods. Above all, "genuine sesame oil" is loved not only in Japan but also in countries all over the world as a product unique to Kagawa prefecture that continues to stick to XNUMX% pure sesame oil.

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