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Speaking of "Miso" in Kagawa Prefecture, white miso is famous for its rich flavor and refreshing sweetness, but Shodoshima also produces 100% naked wheat miso that is prepared by adding only salt to barley koji. White miso is abundantly used in local dishes unique to Kagawa, such as miso pickles of anmochi, pickled soybeans and managatsuo. Barley miso goes well with fish dishes. It is a fermented food that contains many nutrients such as vitamins, potassium, calcium, iron, and saponins. Recently, a cup of miso soup every day has been shown to prevent cancer, and has attracted attention.

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Main production area
Takamatsu City, Sakaide City, Kanonji City
  • Kagawa has a long history of making homemade miso at home, and since the Taisho era it has developed as an industry. About 8% of the miso made in Kagawa is "white miso", which is excellent in quality and quantity and is shipped to the national market. In Kagawa Prefecture, white miso is used as a zoni with Japanese bean paste for the New Year and used as mustard miso for oden.

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