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In Kagawa Prefecture, the production of shochu is also actively pursued, making use of the sake brewing technology developed as a sake brewery and Sanuki. Above all, rice shochu made by adding sanuki rice is very mellow. In addition, there are many brands that are particular about Kagawa's raw materials, such as rice shochu distilled from Kagawa prefecture's sake rice `` Sanuki Kimai '' and distilled using Kagawa's original wheat `` Sanuki no Yume ''. Is also a feature

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  • In 2007, a brewery in Kotohira-cho, a brewery in Takamatsu, completed a shochu using black soybean, an item of Takamatsu gojiman. This "black soybean shochu" is made by distilling and roasting black soybeans into a mellow and soft drink that draws out the sweet aroma and the flavor of black soybeans.

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