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Small, round, and colorful ... "Oiri" is a traditional confectionery that has been handed down to the western part of Kagawa prefecture (Nishisan). It has been loved for a long time as a "wedding confectionery" that is distributed as a souvenir to neighbors when married. It began with a five-colored hail, presented by the princess of the first Marugame feudal lord, "Ikoma Chikamasa," when carrying a portable shrine. "Are = roasted thing" made by roasting mochi came to be called "oiri" soon. In addition, the round shape has the meaning of "work round and round."

  • "Oiri" is made from old rice cakes using traditional craftsmanship. After making rice cake with rice cake, spread thinly and dry in the sun. Cut into smaller pieces and dry again. Roasting square and hard dough in a large kettle expands one after another to make a beautiful round ball. Add flavor and color to this and let it dry further. Unlike a simple look, it takes about a week to complete. Today, it is widely used not only as a gift for weddings but also as a festive confectionery, and as a topping for coloring cakes and soft serve ice cream.

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