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Oiri Bridal Sweets

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Small, round and colorful . . . adorably shaped “Oiri” are a traditional confectionary that has been produced in the western region of Kagawa (Seisan) since long ago. The tradition of “bridal sweets”, which are given as gifts to neighbors from a new bride to announce her marriage, continues to be loved to this day. This tradition began when Ikoma Chikamasa, the first fedual lord of the Marugame domain, received five-colored “Arare” (small, round roasted rice crackers) as a gift to celebrate his daughter’s marriage. “Arare”, which are made by roasting glutinous rice, soon began to be called “Oiri”, meaning “roasted”. The round shape of Oiri also symbolizes being kindhearted and working diligently.

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  • “Oiri Bridal Sweets” are made from glutinous rice using traditional techniques. Rice cakes made with glutinous rice are rolled out thinly and dried in the sun. Next, the rice cakes are cut into small pieces and dried for a second time. When these small, dried cubes of dough are roasted in a large pot, they fluff up one after another, turning into beautiful round balls. Flavor and coloring are added to the balls, and after further drying, the process is complete. Despite their simple appearance, it takes about one week to make Oiri. These days, Oiri are not only used to celebrate weddings, but many other festive occassions as well, in addition to being used as a colorful topping for cakes and soft-serve ice cream.

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