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Flatfish photo

The flatfish that can be caught in Kagawa Prefecture are mainly "Mako flatfish (Amate)" and "Mita flatfish". As the name implies, Mako flatfish is characterized by its large mushrooms (eggs) and milts (testes) in the winter of the spawning season. Meitagarei is called "Medaka (eye height)" because its eyes are slightly small and its eyes are protruding, and it is also called "Meitagarei" because it has a pain between the eyes and touches it when it touches. It is also characteristic that the body shape is close to a rhombus.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • In the spring and summer seasons, called “Hanami flounders”, from the spawning season, they recover from spawning, and are full and tasty.

  • Meigata flounder is distributed slightly southerly than Macho flounder, is relatively strong against high water temperature in summer, and is often caught in July and August. Because it is small in flatfish, it is useful as an affordable side dish such as boiled and fried.

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