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The name "Geta" is a dialect of Koshi-Okayama area of ​​bovine wildflowers. I think the name "Sitabirame" is familiar nationwide. It is flat like a flatfish, and its mouth is not at the tip of the body, it is under the eyes and its fins, tail, and buttocks are connected. Several types are known in the prefecture, and the preference is divided according to the region among the geta, such as Korai-kashibirame, which is preferred around Takamatsu, and Inosinota, which is preferred around Kanonji.

  • Near the fishing port, "dried geta", which exposes getters to cold winds in winter, is often seen, and is also a winter feature. Lightly grated with fire, the bones are more likely to peel off from the bones, making it an indispensable gem of alcoholic ate. At home, it is recommended to boil, fry, and butter-bake with the light taste of white fish. Geta is also used by Meuniere, so you will often find it in fine French restaurants.

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