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Black Sea Bream

Black sea bream photo

The black sea bream is a member of the sea bream family and is named as such because of its black coloring, and in Western Japan, it is called “Chinu”. It prefers the slightly less salty waters near the coast, and its young grow up in estuaries and very shallow water. Compared to the standard sea bream, the black sea bream has a smaller migratory range, and many of them spend their entire lives in the waters of the prefecture. It is a popular fish among anglers, and there are even some who love it for its gentle hit and strong pull. There is also specialized equipment for black sea bream fishing.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
The whole area of ​​Kagawa prefecture
  • It is often caught from spring to early summer, but the taste is said to be much better in autumn and winter. In the past, during festivals in October, many small black sea bream, which were the perfect size for one person, and sold for grilling with salt. The larger black sea bream are good for sashimi, especially in the middle of winter. Black sea bream is also loved as a local dish, and recipes change depending on the region. “Satsuma”, for example, is a black sea bream dish in which grilled black sea bream is dissolved in a broth mixed with grilled miso and then served over rice. “Chinumeshi” is a dish in which black sea bream is served atop rice covered with kelp.

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