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Black sea bream photo

It is called "Kurodai" because of its black body color among Thai friends, but it is called "Chinu" in western Japan. They prefer slightly salty seawater from the coast, and fry grow in estuaries and very shallow places. Compared to Thailand, the range of movement is narrow, and many people spend a lifetime in the sea in the prefecture. This fish is popular among anglers, and there are lovers of delicate hits and strong pulls. There are also tools dedicated to Chinu fishing.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
The whole area of ​​Kagawa prefecture
  • It is often harvested from spring to early summer, but its taste is said to increase significantly from autumn to winter. I heard that small chicks, which can be tied to one person at the time of the festival in October, sold well for salt grilling. Large ones have good sashimi, especially in midwinter. Chinu is also loved as a local dish.In some areas, Chinu is used as a grilled fish to unravel, mix with grilled miso, dissolve in soup stock, eat rice and eat `` Satsuma '', or kelp on rice There are still dishes such as "Chinu rice", which is spread and cooked with whole cooked Chinu.

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