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Japanese sea bass

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"Suzuki" features a smart body shape, large mouth, and silvery to blackish body color. There are sharp thorns on the gills and fins. A fish that migrates widely from shallow coasts and estuaries to offshore. It is one of the advanced fish, and its name changes as Sego, Say, Hane, and Suzuki with growth. Also known as "seabass", it is a popular fish for lure fishing.

  • "Arai" is famous for eating Suzuki. Wash the cut whites with running water and tighten with ice water to make the whiter and more beautiful. Rough and peculiar sea bass also removes excess fat by roughening, giving the body a crisp, crunchy texture, and only the taste of white fish spreads in the mouth. In addition to home-cooked dishes such as salted, boiled and hot pots, it can be enjoyed in a wide variety of cooking methods, such as fried, buttery, sauteed and meuniere, as well as Western and French dishes. In the summer, the fat gets on the palate and the taste becomes deeper, and the white fish is rich in fat-soluble vitamins, making it an attractive fish in terms of nutrition.

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