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Takenoko Mebaru

Photo of bamboo shoot rockfish

It can be seen that it is already known as Takenokomebaru in a popular scale map compiled by the Takamatsu Domain during the Edo period. The name comes from the fact that the yellowish body and the pattern of brown bands and spots resemble the bamboo shoot skin, so it is a delicious fish during the bamboo shoot season. The members of the rockfish are large and slender. It is a fish that inhabits relatively shallow places such as rocky reefs and seaweed beds, and it was often seen in the past, but it has been said that the amount of fish fell sharply around 1970 and it was temporarily extinct. It is a "phantom fish." At present, the company has been working on seed and seedling production, succeeding in mass production, and recently releasing and cultivating fish, so it is not far away that the catch has been restored as before.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Bisan Seto-Harima Nada
  • The body feels a bit more than the rockfish. The taste is light and perfect for boiling and miso soup. It can be over 40cm. You can also take a lot of sashimi, and it is better to eat thin and solid. If you eat it with ponzu, you can easily enjoy elegant sweetness.

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