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Naoshima Hamachi

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In the sea where the tide flows fast, you can swim around and grow again.
Nutrition balance and thorough “physical examinations” are used to check health and obesity levels as needed.
The firm body and crisp texture created by such efforts continue to attract many people.

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Main production area
  • What is Nashima Hamachi?

    Hamachi was designated as a prefecture fish in Kagawa Prefecture in 7 because of the first successful aquaculture in Japan at Hikita in the early Showa era. Today, it has become an important industry that supports Kagawa's fishery as well as seaweed cultivation. Among them, those produced in Naoshima, one of the prefecture's best cultured hamachi production areas, are named "Naoshima Hamachi" and are shipped nationwide.

  • It was rare even in the sea where the tide is fast
    Attractive taste

    In addition, island hamachi grows rarely in the sea where the tide flows fast. In addition, the theme of aquaculture of hamachi is "bring healthy fish". Feeding is carried out with nutrition balance in mind, and a “physical examination” is performed once a month. The characteristics of Oshimashima Hamachi, whose health status and obesity level are constantly checked, are, to say the least, a lean body. Hamachi, which has excess fat removed and is reasonably greasy, can be enjoyed not only with sashimi but also with new menus such as shabu-shabu.

  • In addition, support the island hamachi
    It is a fishing ground environment

    The sea area including Naoshima is called Bisan Seto. This sea is characterized by a rapid fall in water temperature from the beginning of autumn. Due to the change in water temperature, the hamachi becomes tighter and the "Nashimashima hamachi", which has been loved by many people, is completed. Efforts are being made to ensure that such a valuable fishing ground is always in perfect condition. We limit the number of crawling cages and the number of fish farms to the number appropriate for the fishing grounds, and implement appropriate feeding that does not pollute the farming fishing grounds. Also, in winter, the water temperature drops, so all will be shipped by January. As a result, the fishing grounds can be rested in the middle of winter, and a favorable fishing ground environment is maintained every year.

  • Kagawa Brand Hamachi Three Brothers

    The eldest son `` Hiketa yellowtail, '' which grew up in a large fish cage, the second son `` Naoshima hamachi, '' who grew up well in the sea with fast flowing tides, and a collaboration of prefectural fish and hamachi with prefectural trees and olives. The third son "Olive Hamachi". Kagawa, the birthplace of hamachi cultivation, is a Kagawa brand with a long history and uniqueness. That is the "Three Hamachi Brothers".

  • Kagawa's hamachi is a treasure trove of nutrients

    Essential amino acids contained in abundant proteins in a well-balanced manner. Eicosapentaenoic acid, which works to reduce bad cholesterol and fats that block blood flow. Calcium is often lacking in Japanese. In addition, it contains plenty of taurine, various vitamins, DHA, etc. It is a treasure trove of nutrients. These well-balanced nutrients are the appeal of Kagawa Prefecture's yellowtail (buri), which was raised with stress and good health.

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