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Iriko in Kagawa Prefecture, which is made from sardines grown in the calm waters of the Seto Inland Sea, is characterized by its richness and strong umami. It is also used in homemade sanuki udon noodles and appears in many home cooking dishes.

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  • Excellent Iriko from Kagawa Prefecture, proud of all over Japan

    Speaking of "sardines" in Kagawa, "anchovies" that become "iriko" (boiled dried) is a representative species. Boiled and dried anchovy is "Iriko". In Hichinada, located in the western part of Kagawa, the main fishing ground, two large boats with a total length of 300m are used by two boats, and fish are driven into the net between the boats. Kagawa Prefecture is one of the most famous Iriko production areas in Japan. In particular, Iriko of Ibukijima in Kanonji is famous, and was registered as a regional group trademark under the name of "Ibiko Ibuki" in 2, and we are working on further raising its name recognition and branding.

  • Freshness is life

    The point is how to quickly process anchovies that fall quickly. After being caught, they are boiled and dried to produce dried iriko. It is said that the quality of this time depends on how quickly the time from catching to boiling is reduced. In particular, Ibukijima is located in the middle of the fishing ground, so it can be immediately transported to Ibukishima wherever it is caught and processed, resulting in high quality Iriko. Another characteristic of Iriko from Kagawa is that fishermen with nets and fishing boats called "Amimoto" perform the entire process from fishing to processing. After boiling, it is dried for 10 to 20 hours. One to three days after catching, it is sold to a specialized trading company and will be lined up in stores. The blessed environment of the Seto Inland Sea and the skillful hands of people, from fishing to processing, have created a unique Iriko.

  • People in Kagawa who love Iriko

    Indispensable for Japanese food. Of course, Iriko is also used in "Dashi", which can be said to be another protagonist of Sanuki udon. By using Iriko, rich and strong umami dashi can be obtained, and it is also used in miso soup at home. As a matter of fact, even in Japan, Iriko consumption per capita in Takamatsu City is always high, and Iriko is inseparable for Kagawa people.

  • The fact that Iriko has also appeared as a dish in addition to dashi is also unique to the locality. You can easily taste tempura that can be easily cooked, roast lightly roasted in a frying pan, fried and fried with vegetables, fried rice and boiled food. Calcium can be replenished abundantly, and it is also playing a leading role in cooking at the Kagawa dining table.

  • Irish cuisine unique to the local area

    A culinary ryokan located in Nishisan, Kagawa Prefecture, where Iriko is produced, offers a wide variety of Iriko cuisine using specialty Iriko. In addition, at the brewery of Nishisan's local sake, there is also a type of sake called “Roasted Iriko Sake,” which can be made at home, by adding the grilled Iriko to Japanese sake to taste the umami and flavor.

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