Kagawa prefecture products

Kawahagi (Leatherback Sea Bream)

Photograph of Kawahagi

It is a fish called "Hagi" because its skin is hard and it is cooked with yes. In Kagawa Prefecture, two types of horses are mainly caught, "Umaurahagi" and "Maruhagi". The horse is called by its name because its eyes are far behind the mouth, above the gills, and have a characteristic horse-like appearance.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • Maruhagi, which has a rounder body than Umazura-hagi, is said to be more delicious than Umazura-hagi. The catch is small and the size is small. The liver is popular, as well as the lean whites.

    The goats are white, lean and refreshing. Although it is a kind of fish similar to puffer fish, it is easy to eat because it is well separated and has few small bones. It is a popular fish because of its low price. Among them, the liver of the goat is said to be exquisite, and you can taste it with the body by boiling, miso soup, or boiling with water. It is also recommended to eat the sashimi with the liver beaten to make it sticky and soy sauce melted in the liver.

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