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Shizu is a cute fish with an elliptical body shape and a small mouth and a dumpling nose. Although closely related to Managatuo, Kagawa Prefecture often catches small shizz rather than large parents. From the summer to the autumn, the body gradually grew larger, and when the temperature of the water dropped, it came out of the Seto Inland Sea. In the daytime, they are on the sea floor and tend to rise slightly at night. In the past, it was a fish that was not so familiar, but in recent years the catch has been increasing and it has been found in restaurants and home dining tables.

Seasonal season
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Main production area
Harima Nada
  • The body is white and soft. It is easy to get away with chopsticks even if grilled with salt, and it is easy to eat. In addition, there is no hard bone and it is soft, so you can eat small bones without worrying about them. The price is reasonable and easy to get, and it is a fish that goes well with citrus fruits such as boiled, grilled salt, and Sudachi.

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