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Kiss photo

"Kiss" has a slender body and a sharp pointed mouth, and has an elegant appearance that shines pearl pink when reflected on light. When the water temperature rises, it approaches the shallow coastal area, and when the water temperature falls, it moves deeper. Therefore, it is popular as a target for throw fishing from the beach in summer. It is a delicate and timid character that hides itself with a little noise even in the sand, but it is popular among anglers because of its small size and unique pull.

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Main production area
  • The body is transparent with a little fat and has an elegant taste. The soft, soft white is suitable for various dishes. The sashimi, grilled salt, vinegar, stewed soup, and so on, are all-around fish that are compatible with all dishes that use oil, such as fried, tempura, and fried. Since freshness drops quickly and the taste changes drastically depending on whether the freshness is good or bad, it is important to control the temperature even after buying at the store.

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