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Among the octopuses, "Madako" has thick legs (arms). The characteristic of Bisan Seto is that its legs are so thick that it can be said to "stand and walk". Also, Seto Inland Sea octopus is slightly sweet because it eats blue crab and shrimp, and you can enjoy it with a chewy texture. The octopus is caught all year round, but the peak season is from summer to autumn. Octopus tsubo fishing that sinks more than 1 octopus eels at one time is actively carried out in the Bisan Seto area. It has high quality protein and is rich in taurine, so it is said to be effective in relieving fatigue.

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Bisan Seto
  • Traditionally, farmers in Kagawa Prefecture have used the custom of eating octopus, which has a strong power to absorb with suction cups, as "the rooting of seedlings and branching of rice" on the first day of rice planting and the day of rice planting. It is used as an ingredient in a wide variety of Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisines such as sashimi, vinegar, tempura, carpaccio, as well as local dishes that represent Kagawa, such as "imo octopus" and "octopus rice". Kagawa prefecture is not only one of the nation's leading octopus production areas, but Kagawa prefecture is actually one of the most octopus-loving prefectures in Japan, boasting one of the largest octopus purchases.

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Takamatsu City Setouchi Fisheries Cooperative Akira Nishitani
Organization nameKagawa Prefecture Fisheries Cooperative Association
Group location8-25 Kitahama-cho, Takamatsu-shi
Recommended way of eatingSashimi, takoyaki, vinegar, pickled nanban, etc.
Prefecture retail storePrefecture retail store
Kagawa is a country where octopus consumption is high throughout the country, and it is a familiar ingredient for vinegar and oden. The same setouchi as Akashi Octopus and Kurashiki Shimotsui Octopus are used as fishing grounds, and large, high quality octopus is landed. They prefer shellfish, luxury crabs and shrimp, so it is said that the octopus you can get in Setouchi is sweet and flavorful. In the prefecture, three types of fishing methods are used: traditional octopus rope fishing, octopus fishing, and bottom seine fishing. "Octopus rope fishing" is a traditional method of sinking a net made of 3-1000 octopus pots and pulling it up the next day. "Octopus fishing" is a method of fishing one octopus, a fishing method that has been around for a long time, but is still a popular method. "Bottom seine fishing" is a method of catching fish by net, and various seafood can be obtained, but sorting seems to be difficult. The octopus that has just been pulled has the momentum to stand on the deck and walk. He says that he can enjoy the chewy and savory taste of takoyaki, sashimi, tempura, and boiled food in any dish. It can be taken all year round, but the catch will increase especially from summer to autumn. Enjoy the flavorful octopus that grew up with the blessings of Setouchi.