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Japanese Spanish mackerel

Photo of Spanish mackerel

"Sawara", which features a smart body, sharp teeth, and sharp fins, is one of Kagawa's representative spring fish. It enters the Seto Inland Sea between April and May, lays eggs, and then reopens in the open sea around July. Swallows swimming at a tremendous speed are caught by a fishing method called "sashimi net" which is caught by a net. This is one of the traditional fishing methods that has continued since the Edo period. It has been loved by the people of Kagawa since ancient times and has often appeared in local cuisine.

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Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • In Kagawa, there are various dishes such as oshizushi (pressed sushi with Japanese Spanish mackerel), "Kan-kan-zushi" (pressed sushi made with a large rectangular sushi frame), miso-zuke (pickled in miso), and miso soup with soft roe(milt) and offal. "Sawara" is a soft and fluffy white meat with a tasty fatty flavor that can be enjoyed with any dish. There is also a local custom called "Haruio", in which farmers in Kagawa treat their relatives to a dish of “Sawara”, just as the soybeans are beginning to ripen and the barley is beginning to ripen. There are plenty of “Sawara” dishes to choose from, including oshizushi, sashimi, and grilled with salt.

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