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Olive Iriko

Olive Iriko Photo

Olive Iriko is produced by the Ibuki Fisheries Cooperative Association (Ibuki-cho, Kanonji City), which was invented by the Kagawa Prefectural Industrial Technology Center Fermented Foods Research Institute using olives that are special to Kagawa Prefecture. Boiled anchovies with dried olive leaves reduce the fishy smell of the iris and the bitterness of the internal organs. Another feature is that it does not easily change color over time. You don't need to remove the internal organs or head, just put it in a pan and you can get a dashi soup with a clean and little taste.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Kannonji City Ibuki Town (Ibuki Island)
  • In Kagawa Prefecture, research on utilizing olive leaves and branches is currently being conducted by the public and private sectors. Olive Iriko is a new prefecture product born in it. The "tea bag method" in which dried olive leaves are powdered and put into a boiled kettle is patented. Today it is produced in Ibuki Island, a famous Iriko production area essential for Sanuki udon.

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