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Photo of crab

The Seto Inland Sea is the largest fishing ground for blue crabs nationwide and trades at high prices. Speaking of "crab" in Kagawa is "gathering" (water crab). It has this name because its toes are fin-shaped and swim across the sea. Large ones are about 25cm in width and weigh nearly 1kg, and even one can eat enough. In addition, juvenile crabs and mother crabs with eggs attached to double-jointed limbs, commonly called "Fundoshi", are protected by regulating fishing.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • This season is the season from late autumn to spring when the water temperature of the thistle falls and the shell becomes hard and clogged. Females in particular are exquisite because their shells are clogged in the shell from winter to spring. You can enjoy not only tightly crab meat such as salted boiled vinegar, pots, miso soup, but also whole crab with umami.

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