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Photo of Shirasu

Iriko which is indispensable for soup of Sanuki udon is boiled anchovy.
"Kamaage Shirasu" was fried in a kettle while the anchovy fry was fresh, and "Dried Shirasu" was dried. Kamaage Shirasu has a sweet, fluffy and soft texture, and dried shirasu and top dried crepe, depending on the degree of dryness, has a firm texture that the more you chew the more you chew. In Kagawa prefecture, potato fried shirasu and dried shirasu are mainly made in the Tosan area, and Kaminari noodles are made in the Nishisan area facing Hitanada. Recently, quick-frozen freshwater varieties have been made in the Tosan area. All of them use fish with high freshness because the fishing grounds are close.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
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Main production area
Tosan area: Harima Nada (east of Tsuda, Sanuki City), Nishisan area: Hitanada

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