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Red seabream

Photo of red sea bream

The king of fish, "Thailand", emits a brilliant color with pink stars studded in pink. It is said that what is caught when the cherry blossoms bloom has a good fat paste and is the most delicious. Also, at this time, it enters the Seto Inland Sea for spawning, so it is also called "Sakuradai". At one time, catches were decreasing, but recently catches have increased and prices at stores have become much more affordable.

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Bisan Seto
  • The chewy body has a pale taste, and Hama-yaki, which is steamed with salt, is one of Kagawa's specialty products. It is a traditional taste that has been handed down to modern times. Other fish that have been loved in Kagawa for a long time, such as "Taimeshi", which is cooked with a lively Thai whole, and "Satsuma", which is grilled with salt and miso.

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Mr. Toshihiro Imagawa, Director of Nio Fisheries Cooperative Association Mr. Hitoshi Kawata
Organization nameNio Fishery Cooperative Association
Group location1444-1 Niocho, Niiocho, Mitoyo-shi
Recommended way of eatingSashimi, pickled, miso pickled
Prefecture retail storeNio fish market `` morning market ''
The start of Thai fishing begins with the installation of a fixed net in mid-March. Since you can't see the sea, you need a sense of skill and technique to remove the squid. The best fun of Thai fishing is the first auction. The highest arriving at the auction site, weighing over 3kg, will be the highest price. April and May after the first auction is the peak of fishing. Depart at 3 o'clock in the middle of the night and fly the net many times until the market auction time. Even after the auction is over, the work continues and there is no time to rest. The fishermen's favorite tastes are freshly sashimi-made sashimi, ara-cooked arachi, and soup. In addition, you can enjoy the taste of Thailand and use it as a preserved food.