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Olive red sea bream

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A special red sea bream raised by feeding olive leaf powder to a basket in the scenic coast of Kagawa Prefecture, the Seto Inland Sea.What was revealed by giving was that it contained more collagen.
The result is the birth of red sea bream, which has the potential to maintain its chewy texture for a long time and to have both the two characteristics of "fresh texture and umami due to aging."
This is Sanuki's new red sea bream "Olive red sea bream".

Seasonal season
Time to go around Peak season (seasonal season)
Main production area
Higashikagawa City, Takamatsu City
  • Characteristics of olive red sea bream

    Olive red sea bream is a farmed red sea bream that has been fed with powder containing "olive leaves" from Kagawa prefecture as the main ingredient (*) for a certain period of time or more on the feeding day immediately before shipment.Olive leaves are rich in "oleuropein," a type of polyphenol.Breeding red sea bream on food with olive leaf powder increases collagen content, makes the body crispy, and maintains crispness even after storage.
    (*) The raw material is 60% or more leaves from Kagawa prefecture and less than 40% from the Mediterranean coast.

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Yuu Mitani
Organization nameNagahisa Co., Ltd.
Group location832-28 Sakamoto, Higashikagawa City
Recommended way of eatingsashimi
Prefecture retail storeMarunaka and others
The best feature of olive red sea bream is that it has more collagen than normal farmed red sea bream, and although it is pre-prepared, it has few streaks and is soft.In addition, it boasts a light taste and no odor even though it is fat.By feeding and growing the food mixed with olive leaf powder containing plenty of polyphenols for 20 days or more before shipping, it becomes a healthy and really delicious red sea bream.If you eat and compare, you will be surprised at the difference.In addition, our cage is 12m wide and 15m deep, which reduces the risk of red tide and high and low water temperatures, and allows red sea bream to grow.I would like everyone in Japan to know the deliciousness of olive red sea bream.