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Tastes and stiffness that can only be found in Shodoshima, with plenty of Sanuki sun and morning tide,
And it is a gem that can fully enjoy the quality.

  • The taste of the island built by tradition

    Tenobe Somen is a specialty product of Shodoshima floating in the Seto Inland Sea. It is said that at the beginning of the Edo period (Keicho 3rd year), people on the island went out to visit Ise, watched somen noodle making in the Miwa region of Nara Prefecture, and took it back to the island. Since then, the technology has been polished as a specialty of Shodoshima, supported by a 400-year tradition. The brand product “Shima no Hikari” of Shodoshima Tenobu Noodles Cooperative is made with a unique manufacturing method that values tradition. The sun is dried in a cold breeze suitable for making somen, and it is slowly and thoroughly immersed in the warm light of sunlight. The traditional process, which has a rich climate and a lot of time and effort, creates the taste and texture of Tenobu noodles.

  • Commitment to "more delicious"

    “Island Light” focuses on one year's worth of products for a limited time in order to deliver thinner and more delicious food nationwide. The surface is painted with genuine sesame oil, which is rare in Japan. Sesame oil has the characteristic of being resistant to oxidation, and this technique can maintain the same good taste for a long time. In addition, since a skilled product inspector strictly inspects all noodles, it is completely assured of high quality and uniform quality, even if such a strict check is said to be the best in Japan There is. Also, while cherishing tradition, I am also eager to develop new products. As with somen, a collaboration product with Olive, a specialty product of Shodoshima, "Tebebe Olive Somen". Kneaded with olive fruits and painted pure olive oil on the surface, this is the only green somen unique to Shodoshima. Shodoshima's hand-rolled somen will continue to keep the best taste in Japan.

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