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One of the major projects of Yoshimoto, "A project to live in your town", to make Japan feel good from the area. Entertainer "Kaji Tsuyoshi" who lives in Kagawa reports on local products.


Wrap Japan's smallest Kagawa prefecture with my great love!

Dosa Ken

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did you know? In fact, Kagawa Prefecture is a “fruit nation” that grows a wide variety of fruits.
Among them, "Strawberry" will begin shipping until Christmas.
Most of the nation-wide varieties of “Onmine”, commonly used in cakes, are from Kagawa Prefecture.
In recent years, an original variety called "Sanukihime" has also appeared.
Of course, making processed goods such as jam and wine is also popular in the prefecture. This time I will report on strawberries in Kagawa prefecture.

  • Sanuki Winery

    Reporter Doken Ken first headed to Sanuki Winery, the only winery in Shikoku on the Ogushi Peninsula in Sanuki City.
    It is said that there is wine using only strawberries from Kagawa here. It was Mr. Takenaka, the factory manager, who responded.
    Mr. Takenaka (Bamboo) "The strawberry wine made here uses only the original varieties from the prefecture," Sanukihime. " It's on sale from December 12st. "

  • About Strawberry Wine "Mihan"

    Strawberry wine “Mihan” has been increasing its production year by year. About 3700 bottles were shipped last year and about 5300 bottles were shipped this year.
    At the product center next to the winery, you can purchase and taste products such as "Mimber". As soon as I drunk it, I was surprised at the taste!
    Bamboo "It looks beautiful and has a good scent. Above all, it uses no coloring or fragrance, so it has a natural color and scent. About 1 bottles of Sanuki princess are used per bottle. It has a great taste. ''
    Sanuki Winery also brews original products unique to Kagawa, such as red wine using the new grape “Kodaino R-1”, a new grape cultivated by the Faculty of Agriculture, Kagawa University.

  • Strawberry varieties, etc.

    The next stop was a strawberry farmer in the countryside of Takamatsu City.
    We asked Mr. Yabugi, who is growing, about strawberries in Kagawa.
    Yabugi-san (hereafter, Yabu) "In Kagawa Prefecture, mainly" Onmine "and" Sanukihime "are grown.
    Prefectural "Onmine" is a popular choice for cakes and sweets because it has a good balance of sweetness and acidity, and its beautiful shape and color.
    “Princess Sanuki” is so sweet that it is popular for raw food. ”Ken Dosa, who learned how to harvest strawberries, is ready to pick it up! The sweetness has spread throughout the mouth.

  • Cultivation method etc.

    Kagawa prefecture, where strawberry cultivation is thriving, is also an advanced area in cultivation methods.
    “Rakuchin cultivation,” which is cultivated using shelves instead of field ridges, originated in Kagawa Prefecture.
    Now more than 8% of strawberry farmers in the prefecture use this method.
    Yabu "It's cleaner and sweeter than open-field cultivation." Yabugi-san's farm produces and sells jams, sweets, fruit vinegar, etc. using cultivated strawberries. Wife is working on the center.
    Strawberries from Kagawa prefecture are thriving not only in cultivation but also in processing. The season is now until spring, so please try it.

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