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Purpose of Establishment

(1) Current situation surrounding prefectural products
Kagawa Prefecture has many excellent local products that are proud of all over Japan, and is characterized by high quality and many items.
However, in addition to diversifying consumer needs, diversification of distribution and sales forms, etc., prefectural products such as shrinking domestic markets due to economic slowdown and population decline, and intensifying international and regional competition due to economic globalization, etc. The environment surrounding is becoming increasingly severe.
Under such circumstances, in order to further promote prefectural products, it is urgent to gather resources such as human resources, financial resources, know-how, and networks possessed by the region and to carry out strategic initiatives more than ever. It has become a challenge.

(2) Establishment of Kagawa Prefectural Product Promotion Organization
Agriculture, forestry and fishery products, processed foods, traditional crafts, local industrial products, etc., while cooperating and cooperating with those involved in the promotion of prefectural products, such as the government, producers, distributors, and industrial support organizations, incorporating private know-how. In order to contribute to the promotion of Kagawa Prefecture's industry and the formation of a vibrant local community, the Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization (hereinafter referred to as “ ").
JICA will rebuild the role played by the Kagawa Prefectural Products Association and the Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Council so far, and utilize its know-how and network to the fullest to develop sales channels and create brands for prefectural products. In addition to promoting the prefectural products information distribution base and antenna shop established by the prefecture, as well as merchandise recruitment, a variety of businesses from digging up attractive prefectural products to cultivating sales channels are comprehensively, efficiently, and agile. To expand.
PMDA functions as a base for promoting various businesses for expanding sales channels and disseminating information on prefectural products, and works together with the prefecture to promote the promotion of prefectural products while exhibiting synergistic effects.


  1. Business that contributes to cultivation of sales channels for prefectural products and sales expansion
  2. Business contributing to information transmission of prefectural products
  3. Business about antenna shop operation of prefecture product
  4. Business such as introduction, mediation, sale of prefecture product
  5. Other business necessary to achieve the purpose of this corporation

Secretariat / Contact

General Incorporated Foundation Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization 1-10-XNUMX, Bancho, Takamatsu-shi
TEL: 087-832-3374 FAX: 087-806-0237

[Sales Channel Development Department]
4-1-10 Bancho, Takamatsu City (Kagawa Prefectural Exchange Promotion Department Prefectural Products Promotion Section)
[Sales Promotion Department]
1-20-16 Kuribayashi-cho, Takamatsu-shi (Kagawa product building)
[Tokyo Division]
2-6-3, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Tokyo, Kagawa Prefecture)
[Osaka Division]
1-18-24 Higashi Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

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