Sanuki Whole Chinese Chimaki, Sanuki's Japanese Chimaki, Sanuki's Kashiwa Mochi

During Boy's Festival, eat Chimaki Kashiwa Mochi made with Kagawa ingredients and enjoy it at home to ward off evil spirits! Sanuki Whole Chinese Chimaki Sanuki's Japanese Chimaki Sanuki's Kashiwa Mochi


During Boys' Day, you can eat "chimaki" and "kashiwa mochi" made with Kagawa ingredients to ward off evil at home!

Chinese Chimaki

Chinese Chimaki

Five types of local products such as Olive Yume Pork and Olive Pork, and glutinous rice produced in the prefecture are steamed and filled with plenty of chewy ingredients for a taste you won't find anywhere else.Enjoy the charm of Kagawa in its entirety.

5 foods to ward off evil spirits

Available stores: Takamatsu Mitsukoshi, Chinese Restaurant Beijing Main Building, Rihga Hotel Zest Takamatsu, Chinese Restaurant Peach Blossom Garden, Chinese Restaurant Sai Ban, Guangdong Restaurant Chinese Sake House

Japanese Chimaki

Japanese Chimaki

Enjoy the charm of Kagawa at the Sanuki no Wa Chimaki, an original Japanese confectionery store that uses more than 5 types of local ingredients.

Available stores: Yumekabou Takara (left image), Shofuan Kanesue (right image)

Kashiwa mochi

Kashiwa mochi

Sanuki Kashiwa Mochi is a rice cake made from a blend of Kagawa's original rice "Oidemai" and "ancient rice" and is wrapped in "white miso bean paste" made by adding wasanbon sugar and rare sugar to white miso. did.

Available stores: Yumekabo Takara, Shofuan Kanesue, Kisaragi, Confectionery Minatoya, Kasho Shibayama, Confectionery Aoido

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