Sanuki whole Chinese Chimaki


Did you know that there is a custom of eating "chimaki" in the festival of Tango? In the "Chimaki" and "Kagawa no Shoku" Happy Projects, where we pray for prayers and disease-free disasters, we will use only whole prefecture ingredients in collaboration with the Japan-Chinese Cuisine Association Kagawa Prefecture Branch in order to expand the appeal of prefecture ingredients. "Chinese Chimaki" has been developed.
Ingredients are based on 5 colors of thread, and 5 types of prefecture ingredients are used. The main yellow "Olive Yume pork / Olive pork", the red "dried shrimp" caught in Setouchi, the blue "Soy sauce bean" which is a special product of Kagawa that processed broad beans, the white "Bamboo shoots" that tells spring, And black is "Shiitake" which is indispensable to "Chinese Chimaki". In order to make the best use of the charm of each ingredient, we prepared each with different seasonings and took time and effort to make them carefully. The “glutinous rice” produced in the prefecture, which is soaked in the taste and flavor of the ingredients, and the balance of each ingredient are excellent, the texture is chewy and the deliciousness is unique to all.

For the festival of Dango, eat "Sanuki Whole Chinese Chimaki" made with whole Kagawa ingredients together with the whole family. !

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