Management group

"Kagawa's Food" Happy Project Business Executive Committee Rules

Chapter X NUMX General Provisions

Article XNUMX The Society shall be called the "Kagawa Food" Happy Project Executive Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Executive Committee").

(the purpose)
Article XNUMX The executive committee will hold events such as the excellent food and food ingredients of Kagawa prefecture for the citizens of the prefecture and tourists visiting the prefecture, together with the public and private sectors in the prefecture. Implementing the “Kagawa no Shoku” Happy Project, which promotes prefectural products by broadly promoting the provision of discerning dishes that use locally produced ingredients, to raise awareness of prefectural products and expand sales channels By doing so, the purpose is to revitalize the local economy and expand the exchange population.

Article XNUMX The executive committee shall carry out the following projects in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.
(XNUMX) Planning, implementation and other projects of the “Kagawa Food” Happy Project
(XNUMX) Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of the executive committee

Chapter XNUMX Organization

Article XNUMX The executive committee shall be organized by the persons listed in the attached table.

Article XNUMX The following officers are appointed to the executive committee.
(XNUMX) Chairman
(XNUMX) Vice Chairman
XNUMX. The chairman will be assigned with the Governor of Kagawa Prefecture.
XNUMX. The Vice Chairman shall be assigned with the Chairman of the Kagawa Prefecture Tourism Association.

(Duties of officers)
Article XNUMX The Chairman represents the executive committee and supervises the duties.
XNUMX The Vice Chairman assists the Chairman and takes over the duties of the Chairman if there is an accident.

(Duties of committee)
Article XNUMX Committee members participate in and cooperate with the implementation of the business under Article XNUMX.

Article XNUMX The term of office of members and officers shall be until the end of the business.
XNUMX. The term of office of members and officers who are appointed by substitute or increase of the number of members shall be the remaining term of their predecessor or incumbent, respectively.

Chapter XNUMX Meeting

Article XNUMX The meeting of the executive committee (hereinafter referred to as the "general meeting") is convened by the chairman and chairs it.
(XNUMX) The general meeting cannot be opened without the participation of a majority of the members.
XNUMX. When a member cannot attend the general meeting for unavoidable reasons, a member of the committee may have an agent present.
(XNUMX) The decision of the general meeting shall be made with the consent of a majority of the attending members, and if the number is equal, the chairman shall make the decision.
XNUMX If the general meeting cannot be held due to unavoidable reasons, the bill is deliberated in writing and the majority of the decisions are agreed.

(Matters to be decided)
Article XNUMX The General Assembly will vote on the following matters.
(XNUMX) Matters concerning the constitution
(XNUMX) Matters concerning business plans and business reports
(XNUMX) Other important matters concerning the business of the executive committee

Chapter XNUMX Secretariat

Article XNUMX In order to handle the affairs of the Executive Committee, the secretariat is set up in the Kagawa Prefecture Promotion Department Prefectural Products Promotion Division and the Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization (hereinafter referred to as "the Organization").
XNUMX. The chairman determines necessary matters regarding the organization and operation of the secretariat.

Chapter XNUMX Accounting

(Execution of expenses)
Article XNUMX Execution of expenses by the executive committee shall be carried out by Kagawa Prefecture or the Organization.

Chapter XNUMX Dissolution

Article XNUMX The executive committee shall be dissolved when the project is completed.

Chapter XNUMX Supplement

Article XNUMX In addition to what is stipulated in these By-Laws, the chairman shall separately stipulate necessary matters regarding the organization and operation of the executive committee.

Supplementary provisions

(Effective date)
XNUMX. This Constitution shall come into effect on April XNUMX, XNUMX.

Classification Title
President Governor of Kagawa Prefecture
Vice-president Chairman of Kagawa Tourism Association
委员 Administration Mayor Takamatsu
Mayor Marugame
Mayor Sakaide
Zentsuji Mayor
Kanonji Mayor
Mayor Sanuki
Mayor Higashikagawa
Mayor Mitoyo
Mayor Tonosho
Shodoshima Mayor
Mayor Miki
Mayor Naoshima
Utazu Mayor
Ayagawa Mayor
Mayor Kotohira
Mayor of Tadotsu
Manno Mayor
President of Kagawa Prefectural Products Promotion Organization
Expert Food environment journalist and food producer Hiromi Kanamaru
Food and Agriculture Advisor Mikiko Yamanaka
Food and Agriculture Coordinator Yoko Koike
Masamichi Tsukuda, President of Takamatsu University and Takamatsu Junior College
Kagawa Prefecture Information Dissemination Counselor
consumer Chairman, Kagawa Women's Group Liaison Council
Chairman of Kagawa Prefectural Consumer Organization Liaison Council
tourism Chairman of Kagawa Prefecture Hotel Ryokan Health and Hygiene Association
Chairman of Takamatsu Hospitality Promotion Council
Restaurant business Chairman of the Kagawa Prefectural Food and Beverage Business Hygiene Association
President Sanuki Udon Co-op
General Incorporated Association All Japan Kitchen Association Shikoku Regional Headquarters Kagawa Headquarters Chairman
Representative director of Kagawa Prefectural Cooking Association
Japan Chinese Cuisine Association Shikoku District Headquarters Kagawa Branch Manager
Representative Director, Kagawa Sushi Commercial Life Sanitation Association
Retail business, etc. Chairman of Kagawa Prefectural Meat Business Cooperative Association
President of Kagawa Confectionery Industry Association
Chairman of the Kagawa Western Confectionery Association
Chairman of Kagawa Prefectural Sake Brewery Association
Kagawa Prefecture Food Industry Council Chairman
Producer President, Kagawa Prefectural Agricultural Cooperative
JA Kagawa Pref.
Representative Director and Chairman of Kagawa Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative Association
Kagawa Prefectural Fisheries Association Women's Club Association Chairman