Kagawa Prefecture has a warm Seto Inland Sea climate throughout the year, with national flowers such as olives from prefectures and trees, local fish from the prefecture fish such as hamachi and local fish from Seto, livestock products such as olive beef, and high-quality Sanuki sushi fruit. There are many foods and ingredients that are unique to Kagawa.
In order to let locals know the appeal of Kagawa's food, we established the Sanuki Umaimon Project Executive Committee in 23, and the food antenna shop Sanuki Dining, which offers dishes using local ingredients. Also, we are implementing a business to disseminate the appeal of various foods, such as "Umaemon delivery service course" for school students and children to learn about ingredients produced in the prefecture, and "Sanuki Marche in Sunport", a European-style direct-produced market of prefecture products. It was.

And now, in addition to the local people, we will create new opportunities for tourists who are newly visiting the prefecture to experience the charm of "Kawano food," thereby improving the awareness of local products. We will work on the “Kagawa Food Happy Project” to promote customers.

In order to facilitate this project smoothly, we would like to establish an executive committee organization as a place for related people to cooperate and discuss the operation of the project, etc., and as a mother body for carrying out comprehensive promotion. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

About executive committee

1. Name of executive committee

"Kagawa's Food" Happy Project Executive Committee

2. Purpose of the executive committee

This committee will hold events such as the excellent food and ingredients of Kagawa prefecture with the public and private sectors as one unit in the prefecture, and develop many specialty food restaurants using ingredients from the prefecture. , Promote prefectural products by widely publicizing. In addition, we will disseminate information both inside and outside the prefecture to revitalize the local economy.

3. Business implemented by the executive committee

  1. Holding an event with the theme of Kagawa food
  2. Establishing a food antenna shop that serves as a base for improving the appeal of food in Kagawa and transmitting information
  3. Other projects necessary to achieve the purpose of this committee

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