Delicious food delivery lecture


In order to convey the appeal of prefecture-grown ingredients, a delicious spreading squad composed of experts such as producers, distributors, distributors, and cooks will convey the characteristics and appeal of prefecture-produced products.

Contents (planned)

Spread squad composition

  • Olive spreader (producers, restaurants, etc.)
  • Olive beef spreader (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Olive dream pig / olive pig spreader (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Olive chicken (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Sanuki Sansan Fruit Spreading Corps (producers, markets, etc.)
  • Seto Local Fish Promotion Corps (Cooks, Fishers, etc.)
  • Sanuki seasoning spreader (seasoning manufacturer, restaurant etc.)
  • Rare sugar promotion corps (rare sugar manufacturer / distributor, etc.)
  • Oidemai spreading party (producers, distributors, food and agriculture advisers, etc.)

Our Projects

We carry out "delicious delivery lecture" for elementary and junior high school students, high school students, etc., and work on becoming a fan of local products.

2022 schedule

We will visit 26 elementary and junior high schools, high schools, and special schools in the prefecture and hold 26 on-site lectures to promote the appeal of the prefecture's ingredients for each theme.

Schedule Our Projects Spreading corps theme school name
6/20 School study Olive chicken Sanuki City Sanuki Kita Elementary School
6/27 School study Oidemai Rice Marugame City Gunge Elementary School
7 month 6 Date (water) Off-campus learning Sanuki seasoning (salt) Mitoyo City Wako Junior High School
7/12 School study Sanuki Sanuki Fruit (peach) Marugame City Jonan Elementary School
7th February (Friday) Off-campus learning Seasoning of Sanuki (soy sauce) Zentsuji City Yogita Elementary School
8/23 Off-campus learning Sanuki Sanuki Fruit (None) Marugame Municipal Koteshima Junior High School
9th February (Friday) School study Olive beef Hiji University Elementary School
9 month 7 Date (water) School study Rare sugar Zentsuji Municipal Central Elementary School
9th February (Friday) School study Seto local fish (local fish) Takamatsu Municipal Aji Junior High School
10/11 School study Olive chicken Takamatsu Municipal Shioe Elementary School
10th February (Friday) School study Sanuki Sanuki Fruit (Sanuki Gold) Mitoyo City Ninomiya Elementary School
10th February (Friday) Off-campus learning Seto local fish (yellowtail) Takamatsu Municipal Aji Elementary School
11 month 2 Date (water) Off-campus learning olive Yoshito Elementary School
11/17 School study Sanuki Sanuki Fruit (Kou Hayao Ohara) Takamatsu City Takamatsu Daiichi Elementary School
11/24 School study olive Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu Kita High School
12/15 School study Seto local fish (yellowtail) Takamatsu City Enza Elementary School
12/20 School study Olive dream pig, olive pig Sakaide City Nishinosho Elementary School
1/17 School study Seto local fish (Iriko) Marugame City Iiyama Minami Elementary School
1/26 School study Seto local fish (nori) Kagawa Prefectural Ishida High School
1/30 School study Olive beef Sakaide City Fuchu Elementary School
2/9 School study Sanuki Sanuki Fruit (Sanuki Hime) Higashikagawa Municipal Ouchi Elementary School
2/13 School study Olive beef Kagawa Prefectural Takamatsu Nishi High School
2/21 School study Seasoning of Sanuki (soy sauce) Utazu Municipal Utazu Elementary School
2/28 School study Olive dream pig, olive pig Sakaide City Hayashida Elementary School
3/9 Off-campus learning Olive chicken Mitoyo City Katsuma Elementary School
3/14 School study Olive dream pig, olive pig Kanonji City Onohara Junior High School

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