Delicious food delivery lecture


In order to convey the appeal of prefecture-grown ingredients, a delicious spreading squad composed of experts such as producers, distributors, distributors, and cooks will convey the characteristics and appeal of prefecture-produced products.

Contents (planned)

Spread squad composition

  • Olive spreader (producers, restaurants, etc.)
  • Olive beef spreader (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Olive dream pig / olive pig spreader (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Olive chicken (producers, distributors, etc.)
  • Sanuki Sansan Fruit Spreading Corps (producers, markets, etc.)
  • Seto Local Fish Promotion Corps (Cooks, Fishers, etc.)
  • Sanuki seasoning spreader (seasoning manufacturer, restaurant etc.)
  • Rare sugar promotion corps (rare sugar manufacturer / distributor, etc.)
  • Oidemai spreading party (producers, distributors, food and agriculture advisers, etc.)

Activity content

We carry out "delicious delivery lecture" for elementary and junior high school students, high school students, etc., and work on becoming a fan of local products.

2020 schedule

At elementary and junior high schools, high schools, etc. in 26 prefectures, 26 on-site lectures are held to promote the appeal of prefecture-produced ingredients on each theme.

ScheduleActivity contentSpread squadVenue
6 Month 25 day (Thur)School studyOlive chickenKagawa Prefectural Tadotsu High School
7 month 14 date (Tuesday)School studyOlive chickenMitoyo City Kuwayama Elementary School
8 month 5 Date (water)School studyOidemai RiceTakamatsu City Ichinomiya Elementary School
9 Month 4 day (Friday)Off-campus learningSanuki seasoning (salt)Kagawa Prefectural School for the Blind
9 month 14 date (month)School studySeto local fishKagawa Prefectural Tsuda High School
9 Month 25 day (Friday)School studyOlive dream pig, olive pigTadotsu Shiga Elementary School
10 month 5 date (month)School studySeto Local Fish (Hamachi)Sanuki City Sanuki Minami Elementary School
10 month 14 Date (water)School studyOlive chickenMarugame City Castle Dragon Elementary School
10 month 19 date (month)School studyRare sugarTakamatsu Municipal Tsuruo Elementary School
10 month 27 date (Tuesday)School studySeto Local Fish (Hamachi)Marugame City Okada Elementary School
10 Month 30 day (Friday)School studyOlive beefNaoshima Town Naoshima Junior High School
11 Month 6 day (Friday)School studyOlive beefKagawa Prefectural Kotohira High School
11 month 9 date (month)School studyOlive dream pig, olive pigKagawa Prefectural Kagawa Central High School
11 month 18 Date (water)Off-campus learningSeto Local Fish (Hamachi)Manno Town Kotonan Elementary School
11 Month 26 day (Thur)School studySanuki seasoning (miso)Kamitakano Elementary School
12 Month 10 day (Thur)School studySanuki Sansai fruit (fragrant green)Kagawa Prefectural Marugame Castle West High School
12 Month 11 day (Friday)School studySeto Local Fish (Iriko)Marugame City Johoku Elementary School
12 month 14 date (month)School studyoliveKagawa Prefectural Zentsuji Daiichi High School
12 month 21 date (month)School studySanuki San Fruit (Kiwi Fruit)Kagawa Prefectural Deaf School
1 month 13 Date (water)School studyOlive beefKagawa Prefectural Iiyama High School
1 Month 21 day (Thur)School studyOlive beefMitoyo City Hiji Elementary School
1 month 26 date (Tuesday)School studySanuki Sansei Fruit (Kogen Ohara early life)Sakaide City Kawazu Elementary School
2 month 3 Date (water)School studySanuki Sanuki Fruit (Sanuki Hime)Takamatsu City Kita Northern Elementary School
2 Month 5 day (Friday)School studyOlive dream pig, olive pigTakamatsu City Tsuruo Junior High School
3 Month 11 day (Thur)Off-campus learningSanuki seasoning (salt)Marugame Municipal Koteshima Junior High School
*Conducted after September
School studyOlive dream pig, olive pigSanuki City Tsuda Elementary School

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