Sanuki whole Ehomaki

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All seven ingredients are from the prefecture, named after the Seven Lucky Gods, including rice and seaweed.
Made only from prefecture ingredients,The whole Kagawa food is full of charmThis is Ehomaki!

  • NEW! Sanuki whole Ehomaki Sanuki-ness
    Thick roasted egg with soboro of olive chicken, shrimp flatten, seasoned vegetables, lettuce with good texture, and accented Iriko white miso.
    <Ingredients used>
    Olive chicken, egg, irico, tempura, lettuce, carrot, broccoli, shiitake mushroom, white miso, seaweed, rice
  • Sanuki whole Ehomaki
    Exquisite harmony of teriyaki olives, shoyumame, and seasonal vegetables from the prefecture.
    <Ingredients used>
    Olive chicken, egg, tempura, lettuce, carrot, broccoli, shoyumame, seaweed, rice
  • Sanuki whole Ehomaki Marine
    "Ehomaki Marine" with a scent of Setouchi that wraps Sanuki Denbuku tempura and octopus boiled
    <Ingredients used>
    Takifugu vermata, octopus fangs, eggs, tempura, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, seaweed, rice
  • Sanuki Whole Ehomaki Olive
    Olive chicken is grilled with scissors and pickled with olives.
    <Ingredients used>
    Olive chicken, asparagus, lettuce, carrots, Kintoki potatoes, freshly pickled olives, seaweed, rice
  • Sanuki whole Ehomaki seafood
    Shrimp is fried and sprinkled with salt, sea bream is pickled in miso, sardines are boiled and mixed with wasabi mayonnaise, etc., and various flavors of seafood are gathered together.
    <Ingredients used>
    Iidako, lettuce, anago, shrimp, cuttlefish, mussel, sea bream, seaweed, rice
  • Sanuki Whole Ehomaki Original
    Please enjoy the deliciousness developed by each store, using more than 7 kinds of ingredients (including rice and seaweed) from the prefecture, named after the Seven Lucky Gods.
    <Ingredients / Price>
    The ingredients and prices used vary depending on each store.
  • * Long is about 190mm, half is about 95mm.
  • * Please note that the size may vary slightly as a guide.
Reservation acceptance periodJanuary 3th [Friday] --February 1st [Monday]

* Please note that the reception period varies depending on the store.

Delivery will be one of three days from January 1st (Sun) to February 31nd (Tue).For reservations and inquiries, please contact each participating store.

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