Kagawa's XNUMX-star olive restaurant

Olives in Kagawa Prefecture are the largest producers in Japan.
The olives that are carefully picked from the best selections produce a variety of delicious flavors.
Such Kagawa olive ingredients, "olive oil", "olive beef", "olive yumebuta pork"
Restaurant recommended dishes using "Olive Jidori", "Olive Hamachi Yellowtail", etc.
Please enjoy the exquisite original menu to your heart's content.

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Olive beef
With light-tasting fat and
Features a balance of delicious lean meat
Sanuki beef, which has a long tradition, is fed with a mixture of olive oil-extracted fruit (olive feed).Premium Kuroge Wagyu beef that boasts quality that is recognized nationwide.
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Olive dream pig / pig
Robust flavor and refreshing fat taste
The appeal is that it sweetly melts in your mouth.
``Olive Yumebuta'' was fed olive feed to ``Sanuki Yumebuta,'' and ``Olive Buta'' was fed the same feed to pigs produced in the prefecture.You can enjoy a unique taste that is different from conventional pork.
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Olive chicken
Pleasant texture unique to local chicken, rich sweetness and rich flavor
Two free-range chickens, ``Sanuki Cochin'' and ``Seto Akadori,'' are raised on olive feed.While taking advantage of the goodness of local chicken, the flavor and sweetness are further enhanced.
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Olive hamachi yellowtail
Features moderate texture and refreshing taste
The local fish, yellowtail, is farmed by feeding it with a mixture of olive leaf powder.Origin that can only be enjoyed during a limited period (mid-September to mid-January)
Naru brand hamachi.Due to the effect of olive leaves, the meat is resistant to oxidation and discoloration, and you can enjoy a moderate texture.
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Olive oil
Olive, the prefectural flower and tree of Kagawa
Kagawa Prefecture is now famous as Japan's number one olive producing area due to the weather conditions suitable for olive cultivation, which is warm and has little rainfall, and the tireless efforts of growers and processors.In recent years, olive oil, which is extracted only from the olives, has won numerous awards at world-famous competitions, and its quality (taste, aroma, etc.) is highly evaluated by the world.In addition, "Olive Shinzuke", which has been distributed since autumn during the harvest season, is characterized by a fresh aroma like fruits and a rich taste.
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