Olive dream pig / pig

Azido Itti Ajidokoro Ichitei

Grilled olive pork with ginger (880 yen)

Azido Itti Ajidokoro Ichitei

``Ittei'' is a Japanese restaurant attached to the long-established inn ``Bansui.''We place great importance on having our guests enjoy our food with a spirit of hospitality, and it can be used casually for a variety of occasions, including lunch, dinner, kaiseki, and celebrations. The grated ginger and homemade sweet sauce are the key to the ginger grilled olive pork.It goes well with white rice and alcohol.The taste conveys the owner's desire for each customer to enjoy the food with a sense of hospitality.

store information

3099-1 Kanonji-cho, Kanonji-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
11:30-14:00, 17:00-22:00
Closing days
Irregular holidays three times a month
Number of seats
200 seats
20 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

While incorporating ingredients from Kagawa, we pursue the unique taste of "Ittei"

In addition to "olive pork", they actively incorporate Kagawa's food such as "olive chicken", "olive yellowtail", and "Romein lettuce" from Kanonji.The menu ranges from set meals to banquet dishes, and the prices and contents vary.Recommended not only for everyday meals, but also for memorial services and celebrations.