Olive dream pig / pig

Cantonies Fuulin Cantonese Kaedebayashi

Sweet and sour pork with olive dream pork (from 1,200 yen)

Cantonies Fuulin Cantonese Kaedebayashi

``Cantonese Fuerin'' is a relaxed Chinese restaurant where you will be welcomed by the owner who is a qualified wine sommelier.The recommended item is the sweet and sour pork made with the shoulder loin of Olive Yumebuta, and according to the owner, it is recommended to pair it with orange wine.The sweet and sour pork is garnished with mint and seasonal fruits, creating a new sensation that is different from other dishes.Another great thing is that you can take out.

store information

8-10 Daikucho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
18: 00-Last
Closing days
Monday, once a month irregular holidays
Number of seats
14 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

Mr Seki

We also introduce wine that goes well with olive ingredients. Expressing a wealth of experience, such as working at a famous hotel and a restaurant in Hong Kong, on a beautiful plate.By combining Cantonese cuisine, which has arranged the authentic taste to suit the Japanese palate, with ``Olive Yumebuta,'' we have created a Chinese dish unique to Sanuki.He is also a wine sommelier, so let's ask him to recommend a wine that goes well with the food.