Olive beef

Nikuji Arata Niku taste new

Sanuki beef grilled with olive flavored miso yuan (from 3,300 yen)
*Price may vary depending on the part

Nikuji Arata Niku taste new

A masterpiece made by marinating olive beef thighs in a special miso and yuan soup stock, then grilling them with olive fruit and oil for a fragrant aroma.Spend a blissful time with dishes that highlight the deliciousness of meat.

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4-7 Kajiyamachi, Takamatsu City Fuji Building 1F
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Number of seats
40 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

Chef / Mr. Matsuhisa

Meat cooking using Japanese cooking techniques.Please experience the deliciousness of the finest meat. “I want to contribute to the community by using local ingredients,” says Matsuhisa.By actively incorporating Sanuki vegetables and "olive beef", people are fascinated by the cooking method that brings out the deliciousness of the ingredients themselves. "Olive beef" seems to be particular about the finish that feels soft when eaten when cooking.In addition to sake, enjoy the marriage with various types of sake such as vintage wine.