Olive beef

Steakhouse Shiki Steak house four seasons

Half steak set (150g / 5,500 yen, 200g / 6,900 yen)
With salad, rice and soup
* Dinner only can be ordered

Steakhouse Shiki Steak house four seasons

"Shiki" has a reputation for serving high-quality meat.The "half steak set" that you can enjoy here is a set where you can enjoy the finest "olive beef" sirloin steak and domestic beef tenderloin steak at once.In addition to the quality of the ingredients, it is carefully prepared by craftsmen, and is a masterpiece that is soft, has excellent flavor and aroma.The homemade sauce using Kamebishi soy sauce is also a point.

store information

680-111 Sanbonmatsu, Higashikagawa City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
Closing days
Number of seats
55 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

Owner / Mr. Mure

We want many people to enjoy our proud steak In addition to selling carefully selected high-quality raw meat, this place also offers take-out lunches and hors d'oeuvres that use plenty of local ingredients.A well-known restaurant that mainly uses high-quality ingredients from Kagawa Prefecture, and is frequented not only by locals but also by many fans from outside the prefecture.