Olive beef

Chugo Kururi Aoyama Chinese food Aoyama

Stir-fried olive beef and seasonal vegetables (3,800 yen)

Chugo Kururi Aoyama Chinese food Aoyama

A long-established Chinese restaurant that continues to be loved by people for its Chinese cuisine that makes use of local ingredients. "Stir-fried Olive Beef and Seasonal Vegetables" is a luxurious dish that uses homemade XO sauce made from more than 10 kinds of ingredients.Enjoy the flavorful sweet and salty taste of the sauce mixed with seasonal vegetables and juicy "olive beef".

store information

940-1 Enza-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
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Number of seats
67 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

Owner chef / Mr. Kawahigashi

I want you to easily eat dishes made with local ingredients With ordinary Wagyu beef, even if the sauce has a persistent taste overall, the taste of "Olive beef", which is characterized by its strong umami and light fat, matches the taste with meat and other ingredients!We are particular about Chinese food that makes the best use of prefecture-produced ingredients, such as using homemade XO sauce that has been adjusted to match the "olive beef" by incorporating prefecture-produced ingredients.