Olive beef

Yakiniku Tsuzaka Kokudoten Yakiniku Matsuzaka National Highway Store

Handmade olive Japanese beef hamburger (1,430 yen)
Comes with salad, rice, miso soup, pickles

Yakiniku Tsuzaka Kokudoten Yakiniku Matsuzaka National Highway Store

At "Matsuzaka", you can enjoy high-quality olive beef at a reasonable price, from lean meat to rare parts, by buying a whole cow. This lunch menu allows you to enjoy A1 rank "olive beef" at a reasonable price.A very satisfying dish that retains the meatiness by coarsely grinding the minced meat. Taste the flavor of A5-ranked high-quality olive beef.

store information

903-1 Hirotacho, Zentsuji City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
Closing days
Thursday (open if it is a holiday or the day before a holiday)
Number of seats
258 seats
80 stand

Thoughts on ingredients

Mr. Kitano

We want you to enjoy a variety of cuts, including rare parts, with the Olive Beef that you buy as a whole. Based on the philosophy of ``we want as many people as possible to eat delicious meat,'' ``Matsuzaka'' provides high-quality meat, centered on ``Olive Beef,'' at affordable prices.The lunch menu also includes a Yakiniku set, which is also popular.