Olive hamachi yellowtail

Sanuki Amimoto Ann Sanuki Amimoto An

Pickled yellowtail bowl (980 yen)
Weekday lunch time only with miso soup
* Limited time for Olive Hamachi

Sanuki Amimoto Ann Sanuki Amimoto An

A pickled rice bowl with a special sauce that brings out the refreshing flavor of ``olive hamachi.''Enjoy the freshness, texture, and deliciousness of the ingredients.

store information

30-75 Setouchi-cho, Takamatsu
Opening hours
11: 00-14: 00, 17: 00-22: 00
Closing days
Number of seats
50 seats
Takamatsu City Central Wholesale Market Shared P Use

Thoughts on ingredients

Manager / Chef / Mr. Honda

Enjoy the fresh seafood while feeling the atmosphere of the fishing port spreading in front of you. Located in the central wholesale market in Takamatsu City, "An" is a place where you can enjoy fresh seafood and oyster roasting in winter."Olive Hamachi", which is characterized by its moderate elasticity and refreshing fat, is served in a pickled rice bowl that allows you to realize its advantages.Please enjoy a cup where you can fully enjoy the fresh blessings of Setouchi.