Olive hamachi yellowtail

Shokujidokoro Nannari. What is the restaurant?

Olive yellowtail and seasonal vegetables simmered in miso sauce (980 yen)
* Limited time for Olive Hamachi

Shokujidokoro Nannari. What is the restaurant?

A dish of ``olive hamachi'' fried in oil, cooked with vegetables, and then finished with grated daikon radish.Enjoy the refreshing taste of the season.

store information

1515 Tahi Kamimachi, Takamatsu City In Takamatsu Pokapoka Onsen
Opening hours
11: 00 to 23: 00 (LO22: 30)
Closing days
Open all year round
Number of seats
136 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

We have a rich lineup of menus using ingredients from the prefecture!

People come from both inside and outside the prefecture, so I try to use ingredients produced in the prefecture as much as possible in order to let people know about the richness and deliciousness of Kagawa's food.Olive ingredients appear irregularly in the recommended menu!