Olive hamachi yellowtail

Sakanaya no Sushi Toshin Fishmonger's Sushi Toshin

B Lunch Live Olive Hamachi Sashimi (1,595 yen)
1 small dish, steamed egg custard, pickles, rice, with soup or sea lettuce soup
*Limited time for olive yellowtail, limited to lunch, sashimi can be taken home

Sakanaya no Sushi Toshin Fishmonger's Sushi Toshin

At Toshin, you can always enjoy fresh seafood because the owner only purchases the best ingredients directly from the market.The thick sashimi of ``olive hamachi'' with fat is filling and satisfying.It's nice to be able to take a breather with miso soup that has a strong dashi stock.Be sure to enjoy the hearty set meal.

store information

77-1 Maedanishimachi, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
Tuesday-Thursday 11:00-14:00
Closing days
Monday (in the case of a holiday, the next day)
Number of seats
60 seats
Social Media
Instagram @toushin3925