Olive oil / new pickles

Minato Shinsei Tadotsuten Minato Shinsei Tadotsu store

Sea bream wrapped in kombu salad (1,100 yen)

Minato Shinsei Tadotsuten Minato Shinsei Tadotsu store

A beautiful dish made with layers of high-quality local sea bream, avocado, and white melon.Adding olive oil to the refreshing taste creates a mellow taste that goes well with any alcoholic drink, and the toppings of myoga and tomato give it a crunchy texture.Why not take this opportunity to visit Minato Shinsei, where fresh seafood is prepared with great care and time.

store information

345-2 Higashishinmachi, Tadotsu-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture
Opening hours
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Number of seats
100 seats

Thoughts on ingredients

Shopkeeper / Nanaza

I want to spread the goodness of local Tadotsu ingredients! This is a famous Japanese restaurant where you can enjoy seafood from the Seto Inland Sea.Contributing to local production for local consumption by using ingredients delivered directly from local fishermen and vegetables harvested in Tadotsu Town. Mr. Nanaza says, "Kagawa prefecture's ingredients are all good even if they don't have a brand name."They use olive oil from Shodoshima.